Providing financial Investment services and access to African markets


BAYI Capital is committed to creating long term positive impact for investors and African companies. BAYI currently has a presence in New York, Nairobi and Lagos.

BAYI is focused on assisting small and medium-sized companies through strategic transactions supported by bottom-up fundamental analysis of opportunities that abound in Africa’s grossly underserved markets.

BAYI supports opportunities in the informal sector and promotes social impact through job creation and sustainable economic development.

Our main goal is to serve as a catalyst for capturing the pan-Africa growth opportunity through a focus on advising impact-oriented SMEs with strong governance.


One Step Ahead


We are concerned about tracking and measuring the impact we create with the SMEs that we support. Our measurement approach utilizes a binary framework comprising impact and return assessment criteria. We strongly believe that the strategic Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) impacts we seek to achieve are closely linked to competitive financial returns. Our impact measurement framework relies on the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals as well as the Global Reporting Initiative’s framework and IRIS metrics in setting targets and tracking performance for our investee companies.

Through experience gained in both the investment and corporate sectors across Africa, BAYI takes a hands-on approach to collaborate with portfolio companies, a key value-add that separates BAYI from traditional capital providers. BAYI works closely with SMEs to fully understand the business model and growth objectives, develop or refine an effective strategy, and drive sustainable value creation in the informal market through leveraging its extensive knowledge base and vast network across the continent.

Beyond knowledge of finance and business, a core trait within the BAYI team is entrepreneurial drive. Recruitment into BAYI has focused on corporate experience, entrepreneurial thinking and potential to quickly move up the private equity learning curve, rather than the traditional investment banking and management consulting backgrounds akin to traditional private equity houses. This enables the team to respond to its objective of impact creation in Africa’s informal sector in an engaging manner.

Our Approach

We explore opportunities in key commercial hubs around the continent, and our team and network are experience with strong local knowledge to perform deep due diligence on any opportunity and market to ensure all risks are identified.

We are mainly aware of the need for independent advice without conflict of interest at the same time assuring total discretion.

Our international mindset promotes cross-border deal execution, overcoming cultural challenges between Africa, Europe and US.

We permit access to our clients with global and regional network of investors, banks, companies, experts, industry specialists, tax advisors, corporate governance specialists and top legal firms.

We firmly believe in our capabilities and being a high selection of projects we start with, allow us to take a higher level of risk than our competitors and better align with our clients. We have in place proper impact measurement practices that align with globally accepted principles allowing us to assess and quantify our commitments.


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