Providing financial advice and access to international capital markets.

Our first and foremost priority is to assist companies and their shareholders in different moments in the lifetime of the companies: strategic decisions, financial planning, etc.

We do this by becoming trusted advisors when they are seeking capital or investment opportunities, performing acquisitions or divestitures, redefining their businesses or managing key projects.

The Africa market is positioned to be the next world economy power but the old negative perceptions are still on. BAYI has developed an outstanding reputation both in the region and with top international financial institutions, after advising on transactions for a cumulative value in excess of USD 200 million. Our successful track record spans over more than 15 years.

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Our Services

Many companies reach a point during their development when they struggle to obtain additional financing to achieve their growth potential.
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Most shareholders and top managers dedicate their full time while running their companies, which makes it difficult for them to quantify the value of their companies or individual businesses.
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At BAYI, we allow an ideal shareholding structure that depends upon the phase of the company’s life cycle to every business. We regularly help our clients to rank their businesses and to determine if a partial or total change of ownership would make sense for them.
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