BAYI Capital Management is an impact driven private equity firm dedicated to creating long-term positive impact and value for investors and small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in African markets.

We are passionate about driving growth through strategic investments supported by bottom-up fundamental analysis of the many opportunities across Africa’s grossly underserved markets. This positions us to deliver optimal social, economic, and environmental returns by investing in businesses with high potential and clearly defined development impacts.




We are genuine, honest, and ethical and maintain the highest standards of integrity in all of our actions.


We show respect to our team and portfolio companies, with a special emphasis on respecting the businesses that management teams have worked so hard to build


We are fully committed to our mission in heart and mind.

Doing the Little Things

We believe that doing the little things right will help build a strong foundation that can support meaningful and scalable growth

Creating Social Value

We invest in companies that share the same drive for creating sustainable jobs and social advancement


Our objective of creating outsized financial and social returns is supported by an investment strategy which uniquely positions us to cultivate innovative and viable businesses within Africa’s informal economy by providing growth capital and deep business support to SMEs.
BAYI’s investment strategy is a summation of its investment thesis, criteria, and process and stems from the need to address the following key issues:

  • Significant shortage of capital available to African SMEs.
  • General lack of technical, regulatory, and financial support for African entrepreneurs which inhibits potential and results in niche businesses instead of regional enterprises.
  • Market failures, perceived risk, and the need for structured management support have hindered the growth of many high-potential businesses across African markets.

In order to create and protect value, we have embedded within our process a go-to-market strategy that enables us to source and execute proprietary transactions with potential for significant investment returns and impact creation. As a key component of our investment process, we recognize the importance of sustainable value creation to magnify impact and financial returns upon exit.



Consumer goods


Financial services